Neohesperidin (Citrus Flavanone extract) Sweetener


  • Low Calorie High Intensity Sweetener
  • Refreshing taste and lasting aftertaste
  • Helps Mask bitterness and long lasting sweetness
  • Antioxidant, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood sugar


Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (NHDC) is a flavonoid derivative of hydrogenated new hesperidin extracted from natural citrus plants. It is an artificial sweetener with anti-oxidation and anti-tumor. , anti-diabetes, antibacterial and estrogen-like effects. It has a strong sweet taste (1500 to 1800 times the sweetness of sucrose), has a refreshing taste and lasting aftertaste, and has an excellent effect of shielding bitterness.

Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, also named Neohesperidin DC/NHDC, which is a flavonoid present naturally in citrus fruit, mainly in the bitter orange (botanical name: Citrus aurantium L), which is also an intense and non-nutritive sweetener produced from neohesperidin. Neohesperidin DC has a sweetness intensity around 1500~1800 times compared to sucrose at threshold levels, with a pleasant taste and with the ability to improve the quality and sweetness profile in different food formulations. It also acts as a less pleasant taste masking agent.

The organoleptic profile of Neohesperidin DC is characterized by an intense sweet taste. Using high concentrations, it presents an aftertaste with notes similar to liquorice. As an intensive sweetener, Neohesperidin DC has a very characteristic intensity-time profile. Due to this, it produces a longer and more persistent sweetness sensation. It has remarkable synergistic effects used together with other sweeteners currently used in the food industry.

Neohesperidin DC is approved as a food additive in Europe (E-959 code), being regulated according to the food categories where it is used. In USA NHDC is regulated as a flavoring substance with FEMA GRAS status.

Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone: 96%~101%


(Botanical Citrus aurantium L)