Rosemary Extract


  • Highly Effective Antioxidant
  • Reduce rancidity of oils
  • Lower blood fat and prevent hypertension
  • Skincare benefits and Hair Care Benefits


Rosemary extract is a highly effective antioxidant, 1 - 6 times more effective that BHA and BHT in oxidation resistance abilities in various oils. Also provides significant health effects and supports healthy skin.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L) is a small evergreen perennial shrub indigenous to European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Rosemary extract has significant antioxidative activity, mainly contributed from two key antioxidant components belonging to the classes of phenolic acids, flavonoids and diterpenoids, namely, carnosol (CAS No: 5957-80-2, molecular formula: C20H28O4) and carnosic acid (CAS No: 3650-09-7, formula C20H28O4). Carnosol and carnosic acid, are phenolic diterpenes, that are responsible for the main antioxidant activity of rosemary extract. Almost 90% of the rosemary extract’s antioxidant activity can be attributed to carnosol and carnosic acid.

Antioxidant Capacity Assessment of Rosemary Extract

Table 1. PF (Protection Factor) Value in the Rose Seed Oil with Different Antioxidant

Rose Seed Oil (120°C)
Induction Time PF
Blank 1.22 1
BHA-0.02% 1.39 1.139344262
BHT-0.02% 1.47 1.204918033
TBHQ-0.02% 3.08 2.524590164
RMEC10-0.03% 1.59 1.303278689
RMECL10-0.03% 1.35 1.106557377
RMECL10-0.07% 1.59 1.303278689
CA05-0.07% 1.47 1.204918033

Synthetic Antioxidant: BHA, BHT, TBHQ
RMEC10: Rosemary Extract Purified to 10%carnosol (Powder)
RMECL10: Rosemary Extract Purified to 10%carnosol (Liquid)
CA05: Rosemary Extract Purified to 5%carnosic acid (Powder)


Stalks and leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis